“That’s not me”, by Steve

Criminy, people… Do you really think I’m such a self-flattering bastard as to put photos of myself all over our CD? When all Erika gets is a couple of impressionistic nose-n-chin shots? What gives?? That’s me on cover. Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, NJ, taken with a crap cell phone a few years back. People been asking, and that’s Erika’s dad, Atkin Simonian, in the serial shots inside. Heliopolis, Egypt, sometime around 1948. That’s not me. Say what you will about the fact that Atkin and I are ostensibly mistakable for one another.

As long as we’re on the topic: other photos inside are of our fire escape and the F train on a sunny day, from Erika’s Lomo; from the Five Points House of Industry (see the very first blog post, below); and of a former tabla teacher of mine, a Benaresi gentleman who lived begrudgingly in Kathmandu, named Shambhu Prasad Misra.

And for the completist or the curious, here’s a link to the full photo from which this collage was cropped.