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Tin Angel

Photos taken by John Hayes at our 4/9/11 show in Philadelphia. That other strapping fellow on stage with us is our good friend Kai Schafft, of the inimitable Chicken Tractor.

T-Shirts Ship for Free (first day of spring!)

It’s cold and rainy in NYC today, but it won’t be for long. T-shirt weather soon a-coming… We’ve got two designs in men’s and women’s cuts, all they all ship for free to ANYwhere for the rest of March. Take a look in our online store.

“Where We Met” video by Jim Collier

We celebrated the release of our debut record with this video from the wond’rous Jim Collier. Jim’s worked with both of us in the past (he did this for Hem and this for the Sprinkle Genies), and he drove with us from Windsor Terrace to Coney Island one hot summer day.

West Coast Shows Cancelled

We’re crushed to say so, but we’ve had to cancel our run of dates on the west coast this April and May. Thanks to all who helped us get the shows together — we’ll do our best to reschedule and get out west within the year.

Brian Williams’ Best of 2010

In the “better late-to-the-newsroom than never” category, we learned last night at a Low Anthem show that Little Silver made Mr. Williams’ Best of 2010 list. Check out this video. Very flattering, and great company on the list, too! We’re puzzled about where he got the newsy biodata…

Spring Tour Dates

We’re really pleased to announce a run of shows up the West Coast this spring! Check out our Shows page for all the details. We’ll be announcing a full lineup of East Coast shows for April, May, June very soon, so stay tuned. And spread the word!

“Where We Met” Video in the Blogosphere

The video has found a few early homes in the blogosphere: The Awl (a keen and awesome blog-of-all-things) and Amusing the Zillion (a great repository of Coney Island news and musings).

Site launch! Record release!

Welcome to the website for Little Silver, designed and built by our new pals at Bad Feather. Look and listen around, make yourselves at home…! Our debut EP The Stolen Souvenir is out now, and we’re really happy to finally be taking this music public. We love it, and can’t wait for you to hear it.

Take a look at the shows page for info on our release party next week in Brooklyn, and check out the store for a couple of great new shirts from Spike Press. Do sign our mailing list, and friend, follow or flee as you wish…

Harry Smith Festival

Our friend Kai Schafft hosted us and a ton of others for a full weekend of rabble-rousing American music in Millheim, PA… Erika’s report of the weekend (excellent music, food, and beer; the habits and practices of our Pennsylvanian neighbors) can be found our blog page.

Peter Rad Photoshoot – April 2010

Last spring our friend Peter Rad took these photos in Brooklyn. A few hours later we packed ourselves into a car and literally drove through the night to make it to Louisville’s WFPK and Motherlodge Festival.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the trip in that pink car. We have no idea whose car that is, but thank you.