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The People’s Garden

Both the J train and the rain were well-timed overhead, and we had a total ball. Here we are shaking our booty, and celebrating a wedding anniversary and several successive years of shows at this stupendous garden, a totally out-of-time and out-of-place spot in Bushwick. The kindest folks around in attendance. Happy end of summer!

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Mission Studio photos

Little Silver Recording Session_2014-02-16_04-14-37_ DSC_9431_(c)Patrick McNulty2014

We recorded an album’s worth of basic tracks this spring at Brooklyn’s Mission Studios in Brooklyn. It was the first time that we’ve had the chance to really settle in for several days of recording with Ray and David, and we wanna do it again, like right now. So fun (and Erika was even 8 months pregnant…). Here’s a link to a photo gallery, all courtesy of Patrick McNulty. Links to music coming before long!

Mission Studio

Mission Studios, Brooklyn, NY. March 2014. Photos by Patrick McNulty.

The Littlest Silver (part 2)


Samantha Adelaide Curtis, born April 17th, shown here in her natural habitat with her sister Hazel.

Erika’s 2013 Best-of List

CoolDad Music asked Erika what we liked in 2013, and she put together this list that spans both our taste, and even notes where it overlaps :). ‘Twas a very good year!

The Getaway

20131101_163956…so a band drives into the mountains to write some songs. Read all about it.

The Getaway

We try not to get too thick on the website here with details of our lives, per se. We’ve all got details, and lots of ’em. But there are two particular life-details which this post needs in order to mean anything: (1) our two and half year old daughter Hazel, who’s pretty amazing if you ask us, but who, like all kids who don’t have their driver’s license yet, is pretty much always around either one or the other of us, and (2) our dumb cellphones and computers, which for reasons that are harder to explain, are pretty much always around both of us.

We have a bunch of writing we’ve been wanting to do for a Little Silver recording this winter, and have been struggling to find the time. Right or wrong, we attribute this in no small way to Hazel, cellphones, and computers, though maybe not in that order. So this last weekend we made arrangements with Hazel’s kind grandparents, and with the kind cellphone-impervious mountains of Virginia, for a getaway from those things that largely order our normal lives.

I’d put preachy revelations about “self-actualization” in the same gooey category as overly personal blogging, and really, who needs either of them… But I will say this: the weekend, the rest, the writing, were all pretty great. I seriously don’t know what took us so long.

Here are some photos. We look forward to you hearing the songs soon!

Little Silver opening for Hem!

Worlds will collide, heavens will shine (or at least instrument cables will be shared and backstage will be crowded) this next month when Little Silver shares the stage with Hem for the first time. Philly and D.C., come see what will be a great double bill! Full details on our calendar.

“Stolen Souvenir” video by Peter Hamlin & Nina Frenkel

Peter Hamlin and Nina Frenkel took this song on a dreamy, animated ramble, and we’re totally dumbstruck and thrilled with what they came up with. Load the video fullscreen and give it a look… We also gave this little interview to IFC on the making of video for its premiere on their site. [and, hey, update: Nina and Peter won a 2012 International Motion Arts Award for this flick! Pretty serious stuff…]

Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY | February 2013